G O Z N E Y   D O M E 

Photos by} John Russo

Words by} Ken Waller


Could this be the world’s most versatile Wood-fired oven?  The answer is a Big YES!  The Dome is exactly what we were looking for. With external dimensions of 26″ H x 24.8″ D x 28.8″ W, this stylish outdoor oven perfectly fits any space. This is the best investment for any backyard. Whether roasting, smoking, steaming, or baking, the Dome has you covered.  We went for an epic pizza night with our dome, which did not disappoint. The Dome stand is the perfect accessory for your Dome, and don’t forget to order your Gozney turning wheel to ensure your pizza is evenly baked! Last but not least, you have to protect your Dome with the Gozney Dome cover. 


This is the perfect Holiday gift!  Order your Dome at http://Gozney.com