By Beth Weitzman

Re-imagining scents as pins on a globe, creative visionary Miuccia Prada and perfumer Daniela Andrier are introducing Les Mirages Miracle of the Rose, Soleil au Zenith and Dark Light—three additions to the iconic, unisex Prada Olfactories collection. “To decide that a woman should smell like caramel and a man should smell more fresh is simply a cultural cliche,” says Andrier. Neither feminine nor masculine, each distinctive fragrance is thoughtfully formulated from elegant and exotic ingredients, intended to provoke a flurry of fantastical thoughts and, according to Andrier, “evoke a flash of different images, like those that come to you in dreams… more colorful and more inventive than reality.”

Les Mirages’ Prada Olfactories are beautifully packaged in midnight blue-tinted glass flacons topped by black Saffiano-textured caps with golden plaques bearing the Prada emblem and fragrance name. Each bottle comes in a protective silk pouch featuring a graphic expression, reflective of the scent’s individuality, in bold Prada prints and color combinations with an appliqued Prada insignia. 3.4 fl oz. for $300, available at select Prada Boutiques, Saks Fifth Avenue and