Photographs by} Brett Erickson

Interview by} John Delavina

Grooming} Marsy Shahkarami

Styling by} Georgette Goodfinger


Q:  Welcome to Los Angeles! (6 months and a year of a pandemic later!) How are you coping with the current situation?

A:  Thank you! I love it here despite the circumstances of Covid-19. I did get a good 7 months pre-pandemic.


Q:  After a successful modeling career in NY, you decided to try the West Coast.  Why did you decide to move to L.A.?

A: I had dabbled in some acting in New York but knew that Hollywood was the place to be for movies. After an entire lifetime of New York winters, the idea of LA weather certainly didn’t make me hesitate.


Q:  The pandemic stalled production for a year now and continues to be slow.  What are you doing to maintain your acting career?

A:  During the pandemic, I ended up getting new theatrical representation. Luckily and thankfully, my agent has been working hard for me and I am auditioning all of the time. Auditions are all done from home now, which is nice luxury.


Q: What are some of the challenges young actors are facing in todays Hollywood? Has the current climate of streaming movies and series impacted your career?

A:  For me personally, I think streaming is really a great thing and opens up a lot of possibilities. A big challenge for new actors is building up credibility as a good actor. You really have to get out there and prove yourself. Actors are more than plentiful in L.A.


Q: Do you have any actors that you consider role models for your own acting career?  

A:  I don’t have any specific role models, but anyone who started as a model I sort of look at as inspiration since that’s my story as well. I think it’s interesting to really look at old movie stars, because you get to look back on their entire career, from the beginning to present, and see how it’s evolved.  That’s interesting.


Q: Where would you like to see yourself in the next couple of years?

A: The goal is to be continuously busy and working. I consider myself a workaholic. I’d like for there to be a time where I am jumping from one project to the next without downtime.