By { Aja Mangum

Nature of Things

Who: JP Collett, entrepreneur; Jamie Leilani Pelayo, former marketing executive and content producer for Vogue, LVMH and Violet Grey; Kendra Mark, CBD guru

What: Natural wellness collection with broad-spectrum CBD; $36-$150

Where: Newport Beach, Calif.

When: September 2019

Why: CBD goes high-class with indulgent, restorative soaks and body balm. A dab on temples miraculously stops the onset of pesky dull headaches.

Mission statement: “Our mission is to educate our consumer on the healing power of Earth’s botanical and mineral medicinals through the experience of our incredibly potent, proprietary formulations. And as a brand that includes broad-spectrum CBD in our products, we want to move away from the gimmicky marketing associated with the ingredient at the moment and truly work to normalize it, because of how effective it is in helping our bodies’ endocannabinoid system to function better.”

27 Rosiers 

Who: Stephanie Meeus and Kevin le Roux, roommates and LVMH alums

What: Nontoxic skincare products and supplements that enhance from the inside out; $39-$65

Where: Paris, France

When: June 2019

Why: Supplements continue to trend, and the fuss-free cleanser, serum and moisturizer delivers stellar “I woke up like this” skin on their own.

Mission statement: “After working for big cosmetic brands for so long, we wanted to create something different, something that still gave consumers that luxury feel, was effective, but was not toxic to the skin.”

Moodcast Fragrance Co.

Who: Adam Hochschuler, former product developer/brand manager at Neutrogena, Mattel Inc. and Campbell Soup Company

What: Home fragrance designed to celebrate self-expression; $42 

Where: Dallas, Tex.

When: January 2019

Why: Heavenly scents custom-blended by perfumers like Sarah Horowitz and the sharp, jewel box packaging are pure luxury.

Mission statement: “The ability to celebrate and truly honor what you’re feeling, whatever that mood may be, was intriguing to me. Whether you’re feeling like you need some alone time, or you’re getting ready to go out and want to feel your most confident, or you’re feeling a little mischievous, there’s a fragrance that celebrates each and every one of those different moods.”


Who: Emily Parr, publicist, and Majeed Hemmat, former director at Moschino and vice president of sales at Emanuel Ungaro

What: A line of face cleansers loaded with nutrients and formulated to properly prep skin for those three-figure serums and moisturizers; $36-$42

Where: New York, NY

When: September 2019

Why: Whether skin is thin, thick, greasy, dry, acneic or ultrasensitive, there’s an appropriate cleanser to gently, thoroughly strip away grime while replenishing what day-to-day life can suck away.

Mission statement: “HoliFrog is an intellectual wash-first progressive skincare line. Clinically effective and multifunctional washes that put your skin first. They’re all we make, because they’re all you need.”

Cultus Artem 

Who: Holly Tupper, jeweler and former Wall Street executive

What: Luxurious fragrances created by an independent perfume house; $550-$580

Where: San Antonio, Tex.

When: April 2019

Why: Those with discerning taste and deep pockets appreciate the artfully crafted and thoughtful fragrances.

Mission statement: “In creating Cultus Artem, I wanted to step back from today’s predilections for mass production and disposable possessions and capture the beauty of a bygone era, when luxury was as much about the alchemy of raw materials and hand-craftsmanship as unhurried artistry. Each of the fragrances serves as a reminder of a more refined era, when people took time for the rituals associated with personal style, and is created using traditional methods and responsibly sourced natural materials.”

Veronique Gabai

Who: Veronique Gabai, former Estée Lauder beauty executive

What: Nine unisex scents, jewelry, makeup, body creams and a refillable candle, all inspired by Côte d’Azur, Gabai’s birthplace; $39-$990

Where: New York, NY

When: September 2019

Why: From the delectable fragrances to the radiant highlighter, Gabai captures the effortlessly chic vibe of the south of France.

Mission statement: “I want to bring people a moment of pure pleasure and joy, welcoming everybody in… adding beauty to everyday life. Isn’t that what true luxury is all about?”