S E R E N A   D C

Interview} Ken Waller


KW:  It seems like you were destined to be in the spotlight; at what point did you decide this was the path you would follow?

Serena DC:   “I was filming a show called Instant Hotel for Netflix, and it was my first ever time in front of the camera.  I fell in love with the making of TV then, and I knew this was the path I wanted to follow in life.  I finally found the missing link at 33 years old! “Before this, I ran beauty businesses and was a ‘Boss Babe’ in Australia.  It was a tough slog, but since I found my path, everything flows so much easier.”


KW: Tell us about your journey. Was it always smooth sailing? 

Serena DC: “ Oh no!  I’ve been ripped off, lied to, and stolen from – I’ve been through it all.  I’ve found working in Hollywood to be super tough and competitive! I remember one time a director I worked with was caught smoking crack on his lunch break. He was subsequently fired, while another time, I paid upfront for a cameraman to come and film an interview for me, and that morning, while I had 12 people on set all being paid, he never showed up, so I had to pay everyone and got zero footage. It’s a battlefield out here.”


 KW: In your talk series, Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC, you can interview some of the world’s most talked about celebrities and personalities. Who has been your most surprising interview, and why?


Serena DC: “ They have all been amazing, but the one that changed my life was Caitlyn Jenner. She inspired me to follow my dreams against ALL obstacles. Seeing her struggle to be real and be herself was a good reminder for me to stay authentic always and not let Hollywood change me.”


KW: Is there anyone who is on your radar to interview? Your dream interview?

Serena DC:  “OMG so many people.  My dream interview would be with my idol Louis Theroux who is an investigative filmmaker like me – I would love to pick his brain and learn more from him.  And I’d also love to interview Zac Efron because … well, he’s Zac Efron.”


KW: What was the inspiration behind “ My Transparent Life”? How did it come about?

Serena DC:  “One of my best friends, Briannah is a transgender woman, and one day, over drinks, she told me about the abuse she had suffered just for being transgender. One of the kindest people I have ever met, this poor woman, has been beaten, abused, ridiculed, and threatened for the last 20 years since transitioning. I wanted this treatment to stop for not only her but all transgender people, so I made the film to help the public see what it means to be trans and hopefully change some minds and make some people more accepting.”


KW:  Were you surprised by your film’s amazing reception and acclaim?

Serena DC: “ I mean yes and no. As an artist, we are always our biggest critics, so even though myself and my team LOVED the film and were super proud of it, we also didn’t think our little Indie filmmaking company would stand a chance against the big production houses of Hollywood –  so when we got the nomination we literally couldn’t believe it. This is 100% the best moment of my career to date. It’s such an honor to be part of the Top 5.


KW:  You have such a positive vibe; if you could advise young filmmakers who do not have the resources or connections to create a film, what would it be?

Serena DC:  “I started with no experience and no connections, too, as a 35-year-old mom from Australia, trekking over here with all the hopes and dreams but zero hookups.

“The biggest advice I can give is to look for mentors and lean into them, close your mouth, and open your eyes. Learn, learn, learn! Volunteer your time to productions to see how it works behind the scenes. Even being an extra on a show can be an amazing learning experience, so you can see how production teams work.

“And make the most of every single connection you make. One will always lead to another; eventually, it will lead to your big break!”