Photos & Interview by } John Russo

Victoria Elise is the epitome of the phrase “beauty and brains.” A recent graduate from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a model for renowned fashion brands, Victoria shows the world that there’s more to an individual than meets the eye. She, herself, never considered to trade career paths but shares the importance of having other goals in mind. I sat down with the model to get her story. 


Q:     Tell us about your journey. What inspired you to become a model?

A:     I never really thought about modeling but was approached by a pinup model when I was 17 and showed me the ropes of how to get started! It’s been a fun adventure since.

Q:     Breaking into the modeling industry is difficult for some. Did you face any obstacles while pursuing this dream?

A:     I’ve definitely faced a ton of obstacles! I wasn’t quite tall enough, I wasn’t white or had blonde hair, I’m a bit curvier than models at the time. Fortunately, times have changed and you see so many beautiful woman of all backgrounds and sizes.

Q:     What was the most memorable experience from your modeling career?

A:      I’ve had so many that I really couldn’t just pin down one! But probably my most recent photoshoot trip to Sint Maarten in the Caribbean last fall has been incredibly wonderful and memorable!

Q:     Congratulations on your recent graduation from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. What was it like balancing a demanding modeling job while going to school?

A:     It was hard, it took me a lot longer to finish school than most. I’ve had to drop out of the semester a few times because I couldn’t keep it with my school and work schedules but I finally got there.

Q:     Why did you decide to choose a degree in economics?

A:     I was originally a pre-med major (microbiology). But had a fascination with the economy and especially stock trading. I’ve taken a few economic courses as electives and realized how much I loved it and didn’t feel nearly as passionate as studying for my pre-med degree so I decided to change majors.

Q:     Was it difficult for you to transition into a different career path? What struggles did you face along the way?

A:     No not really. As I’ve gotten older, my values changed. I love modeling and the experiences I’ve had but it doesn’t add any value to the world.

Q:     In what ways have the lessons in modeling and economics been intertwined in your life?

A:     Well as a model, you certainly have to know how to manage your money, file your taxes, and ways you can invest in yourself and your future. All things you can learn while studying economics.

Q:     What’s one piece of advice you can give to young aspiring models?

A:     It’s a tough gig and you have to be strong. You’re going to get turned down a lot but if you keep pushing through, you’ll find it to be a rewarding and fun experience.

Q:     Is there any person that you would like to thank in helping you achieve the road to success?

A:     I’d have to say my boyfriend. He was a finance major and a very prominent figure in the healthcare technology industry. He’s inspired me to finish my studies and combine my knowledge in the health sciences and economics.

Q:     Now that you’ve earned your degree, what’s next for you? What are your hopes for the future?

A:     Well, I’m in healthcare technology which, with the state of the world right now, is very successful and in high demand. I’ll continue to learn and grow in this field.