C L I F F   D R Y S D A L E   A C A D E M Y 

Photographs & Text by} John Russo 

Model} Ken Waller

Ahh tennis how we love it! There is nothing more important to me than improving my tennis game.  I heard about the Cliff Drysdale Academy from a friend. He went and said it was an incredible experience so I thought why not! So Ken and I hopped on the plane to Amelia Island, Florida for a doubles weekend camp. We were so excited to play on Clay and improve our doubles game.  The instructors were dialed in from the start! They did not waste a second and had us dive into action packed drills. They kept it exciting by having us rotate and play with different players. They rewarded players who excelled at the drills with trophies. This was a huge motivator! Not only did we get to see Amelia Island which is so quaint and charming we got to meet other players from all over the world. This weekend boot camp gets an A plus!


To learn more about Cliff Drysdale Academy follow them at @cliffdrysdaletennis