By { Bonnie Davidson

Photography by { Kathryn Suellentrop

After working together in some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants—Lespinasse and Café Grey in New York City, El Bulli in Spain, and Lyle’s and The Fat Duck in the U.K.—chefs Nahid Ahmed and Arjuna Bull have teamed up to open Luthun, an intimate showcase for the duo’s modern global cuisine. In this 600-square-foot, brick-lined space with an open kitchen and colorful spices from Chef Ahmed’s personal collection on display, 29 lucky diners (including nine at the chef’s counter) are treated to five-course and 10-course tasting menus, with equal attention paid to vegetarian options. Each elevated dining experience begins with an exquisite amuse-bouche, perhaps a fushka—a crisp, bite-size pani puri (Indian snack) filled with sprouts, tamarind, ginger, sugar snap peas and edible flowers. Monkfish is plated with jackfruit and okra in a puddle of Thai green curry. Squid shares a bowl with cucumber, coriander, avocado and Amazonian chili. Fresh bright red and yellow tomatoes are tossed with rose, rhubarb and onion. For dessert, a cup of frozen yogurt with berries packs the tongue-tingling punch of granita made with sansho peppercorns. Surprise! 432 E. 13th St., New York, NY, 646.454.9484,