J O H N   D E  B A S T I A N I 

Interview & Photographs by} John Russo 

Grooming by} Michaela Limur

Styling by} Santino LoPresti wearing Brunello Cucinelli 


Q: You recently relocated to Montecito, What attracted you to this little paradise?

A: Partly work, I started getting more and more projects in Montecito. I love the small town feel and sense of community. People are actually nicer here, I mean how can you not be nice,  this place is paradise!

Q: How would characterize the design aesthetic currently in Montecito?
A: With the recent influx of people flocking to Montecito, more and more homes are being remodeled. It runs the gamut from original Spanish style and now more and now more contemporary.
Q: When designing a home what are the key factors you take into consideration?
A: The most important, of course, is the client, identifying their wants and needs. A client/designer collaboration is always encouraged for optimal results. Being respectful to the clients budget is also key.
Q: How would you describe your style of design?
A: Casually elegant homes that are warm, comfortable and livable. Decorated with clean lines and a soft palette.
Q: Is there a certain “design” rule to follow when working on a project?
A: Scale is the most important design rule and is often underrated. You can have the most beautiful objects in the home, but if they are not the correct size it defeats the purpose of design.
Q: What things drive you crazy when designing?
A: Working with other peoples mistakes.
Q: Can a house be over styled?
A: Yes, the house should be livable, warm and inviting. Too much of anything is not good. It’s a visually overload.
Q: What are your three favorites colors when creating a palette?
A: Soft Blue, Warm Beige and Black.
Q: Who is your ideal client?
A: My ideal client is someone who is open to ideas, thinks outside of the box and trusts my process when executing an overall vision.
 To learn more about John’s work follow him @john_de_bastiani_interiors