1 Hotels West Hollywood 

S H A D I   O M E I S H 

Photographed by John Russo

Interview by Ken Waller 

KW: Can you give us a brief background on yourself and how you found your way to working at the property?

SO: My journey began with a deep interest in sustainable practices, which led me to 1 Hotels, where my values aligned with the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Before coming to Los Angeles and working with the team to open up our West Hollywood location, I was able to spend time as the General Manager at our South Beach location. 2. Has your role been the same throughout your career at 1 Hotels or have you worked in other roles at the company? Before becoming the West Coast Area Managing Director, I was the General Manager of the 1 Hotel South Beach location.


KW: Can you tell us the brand philosophy at 1 Hotels?

SO: Sustainability has always been integral to the DNA that makes up our brand, the thread woven throughout all our hotels. We believe prioritizing sustainability does not mean sacrificing design, functionality, or luxury. We practice sustainability in all aspects of what we do. As the first mission-driven hospitality brand, we deliberate in everything. Environmental impact is the foundation on which we base all design, construction, and operations. All decisions are made through this lens to move our mission, the industry, and the world forward. b. Additionally, 1 Hotels recently introduced a new approach, Certified Sustainable Gatherings, that offers the opportunity to create stunning, unforgettable events designed to minimize environmental impact while bringing one’s vision to life. In partnership with Foodprint Group, 1Hotels provides third-party certification that guides the entire planning process, helping clients source sustainable materials, reduce single-use plastic waste, lower carbon emissions, and divert a minimum of 90% of all event-generated waste.


KW: What about your property keeps guests returning for multiple stays?

SO: Our dedication to exceptional service and conscious ethos resonates deeply with our guests, fostering a sense of loyalty. 5. How have you maintained such a high level of consistent perfection in an ever-changing hotel market? Is there a secret to your success? a. Focus, Passion, and Commitment are the three drivers I believe in. Market conditions change, and we adapt without losing focus and stay passionate and true to our brand.


KW: Tell us about some unique curated experiences the property offers.

SO: We also offer a range of curated experiences that celebrate nature, wellness, and local culture. From rooftop yoga sessions and one-of-a-kind F&B moments to eco-conscious workshops. 1 Hotel West Hollywood also features Good Things by 1 Hotels, which provides guests with signature products and a curated collection of like-minded brands and retailers. It allows our guests to appreciate our signature comforts from home and enhance their experience, using intuitively natural and sustainably sourced materials.


KW: Can you tell us about your dining options?

SO: Our dining options truly reflect our brand’s philosophy, featuring locally sourced ingredients. Guests can indulge in the following: i. 1Kitchen: The property’s signature restaurant showcases fresh, local, and sustainably sourced Southern California cuisine ii. Juniper Lounge + Garden: indoor and outdoor dining experience that features handcrafted cocktails with ingredients from our on-site garden. iii. Harriet’s Rooftop: An elevated cocktail lounge with panoramic views of Los Angeles.


KW: What makes your property different from staying at other properties in the region?

SO: Located on the iconic Sunset Strip, 1 Hotel West Hollywood offers easy access to the city’s most renowned attractions, entertainment, and cultural landmarks. b. Our sustainability ethos makes our property stand out, as we are one of the first-mission-driven luxury hotel brands inspired by nature. Every detail is curated with biophilic design in mind. This includes incorporating locally sourced and repurposed materials, natural light, vegetation, nature views, and natural world experiences into our design. We look to cultivate the best sustainable design and architecture with extraordinary comfort and an unrivaled level of service. Intentional within the concept of the brand, each property represents the natural environment of its location.

For more information, log on to https://www.1hotels.com/west-hollywood