Photographs & Text by} John Russo

I have traveled the world and stayed at just about every hip hotel there is. But there is something about the 1Hotels brand that stands out from the rest. Maybe it’s the incredible design? Or is it the warm rustic modern color palette? No it’s probably the over abundance of green space that dominates the property. Green space in a much needed, sometimes grey city. I got it, it’s definitely the insanely comfortable mattresses, crazy soft sheets & duvets. But wait, now that I think about it, it’s the hotel’s super cool staff that makes my decision when I’m choosing an LA hotel to escape to for the weekend. I always tell my friends, I’m not going on vacation unless the hotel is as nice as my house, I’d much rather stay home. 1Hotels, West Hollywood is basically my house. I actually feel at home there and for me that is absolutely everything.

A few of my favorite things…

The breakfast burrito from the cafe is next level.

The view of downtown LA, from the pool, is insane.

When you ask the staff for something they make it happen with a smile on their face.

The lobby is so cozy and warm, you just want to hang there.

The bath products are spot- on.

Having a mini speaker in the room awesome.

The studio suite is basically an apartment with a crazy amount of light.

The staff are so good looking. How LA of me to say that. 

Once you get there you don’t need your car, you can walk everywhere.

Book a weekend and you will see what I mean!


1Hotel West Hollywood, 8490 Sunset Boulevard

For reservations log onto