Photographed by{ John Russo

Styled by{ Jennifer Austin 

Written by{ Hudson Graham

We sat down with two of the industries leading glam artists to get their beauty tips on what every woman should know.

Scott Barnes

Q: So many women just can’t get it right with their makeup- Can you give us 5 do’s and 5 don’ts on applying/purchasing makeup?

A: Makeup when applied correctly can be completely trans-formative for the mood and really enhance each woman’s beauty. Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Do: When purchasing foundation make sure you match your skin/undertone exactly. A good tip is to make a fist and look at the color around your knuckles. You can see if you are more pink or golden.
  • Do: Moisturize and take care of your skin. I don’t often use primers, because they can feel too thick sometimes but I always make sure the skin is well hydrated and prepped.
  • Do: When covering dark circles or placing concealers on the under eye select a shade that will color correct and brighten the colors you see. For example for grey choose a red or reddish orange, for blue choose a peach, for purple use a yellow in the correct shade for your skin.
  • Do: If you have hooded lids try defining the crease with a brush when your eyes are open. Try my #62 blending brush and watch my YouTube tutorial on everyday eye shadow tips.
  • Do: When applying false lashes, select a lash that fits your face. I love lashes but not all lashes are for everyone. Make sure to measure and cut to fit from the outside after selecting a complimentary style.
  • Don’t skip skin prep. Makeup only looks as good as the skin it is sitting on.
  • Don’t just use any light concealer under your eyes if you have discoloration or darkness. Darkness under the eye will appear grey or green under a too light concealer if you do not color correct first and can be very difficult to cover.
  • Don’t over block the brows  or overdraw brows too much, try hairline stokes with a powder or pencil to fill in which looks more natural. My favorite is to use my shade and contour palette and my #59 LIP & EYE PRECISION LINER brush.
  • Don’t stop your foundation at the jawline, try starting from your neck/decolletage and working up in circular strokes to bring the color from the neck into the face.
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes on too dark a lip contour or too much blush. If you overdo it, just take the leftover foundation on your foundation brush and stipple over to soften.

Q: There is a fine line between too much makeup and not enough. How do you find that balance?

A: Makeup is very personal, however I think that across the board making sure that the eyes appear really bright and open, and a great lip can really make the face. Lashes and mascara, or even curling your natural lashes and applying a couple coats of mascara can really open up the eyes. Great lips have structure, I love to contour the lip to add fullness and even out the shape. Layering a matte under a gloss, or even two different glosses looks expensive and you can make the color your own. Be sure to check out my Flossy Glossy and Lip Fetish lines launching at the end of May.

Q: How often should women throw away their makeup and purchase new?

A: As a good rule of thumb you can go by the below general expiration dates for products.  However be aware that powder products typically have a much longer shelf life, as powder does not breed bacteria the way cream products do when exposed to the air. Also proper hygiene and cleaning rituals can extend your products shelf life.

Eye liner- 24 months

Liquid or Gel liner – 3 months

Lip gloss – 18-24 months

Lipstick – 12 months

Concealer – 12-18 months

Cream foundation – 18 months

Cream products – 12-18 months

Liquid foundation – 12 months

Setting sprays – 6 months

Q: What is a good kit you have to get women into the Scott Barnes line?

A: A great way to start with the line is to try my Chic Cheek Blush Palette or my SNatural Eye Shadow Palette. However if you want to try a kit of bestsellers, we currently are offering bundles on the site for 30% off, my suggestion is one of the two below:



Q: What are your best sellers for Spring and Summer?

A: Right now my Chic Cheek Blush Palette, Glowy and Showy Highlighter Palette, Sculpt and Contour Palette, Mascara, and brushes #61, #62 and #65. However my new Lip Gloss line called Flossy Glossy and my new Matte Liquid Lip Line called Lip Fetish will both launch at the end of May and we can’t wait. You are going to love them.


Frank Galasso

Q: Which past hair trend would you love to see come back for women and men?

A: The 70’s Shag, Glam rock.

Q: What are your tips on creating volume for fine/thin hair?

A: A soft layered cut, a good blow dry and a great cleansing shampoo. Shampoo should be ultra cleansing with not too much moisture, and I like a spray leave in conditioner instead of a rinse in this case.

Q: At what age should women consider cutting their hair shorter?

A: This really depends on the woman. Her style, fashion and face shape. However once a woman reaches the age of about 55-60 her hair should be no longer then her shoulders with soft edges to be the most flattering.

Q: Are there any hair color trends you see happening this season?

A: Thicker bolder highlights. The ombré hair with a dark root is now very passe.

Q: What do you think about men wearing their hair longer?

A: I like it. I like it best when it is layered, like a great short cut or buzz cut that has grown out. No bobs.