As millions of people are on self-quarantine or on “safer at home” order, we find ourselves asking how to stay safe, healthy and not go stir crazy during these uncertain times. Some may take this time to self-reflect, get closer to families, clean their homes, others may find themselves catching up on their favorite TV shows.  We here at Gio Journal wanted to share with you what some of your favorite musicians, artists and actors are doing with their time, so we asked them to take a selfie and let us know 5 things they are doing to stay in good spirits. This is an on going project, check back each week for more additions, hope you enjoy!


Leonardo Nam – @leonardo_nam

Leonardo Nam has an impressive list of TV and film credits.  From starring in the critically acclaimed, award-winning HBO show Westworld to the CBS’ hit action-drama series MacGyver to HBO’s fantasy-dramedy anthology series Room 104, created by the Duplass brothers. On the film front, Leonardo stars in a leading role in the upcoming horror-thriller Phobias and is also set to star in the indie comedy Marvelous and the Black HoleThe busy actor, took a moment to share how he stays healthy, motivated, productive, and in good spirits.


  1. Unconscious flow writing. Every day I sit down to write three pages in stream-of-conscious. I write continuously, even if I don’t know what to write. I write, “I don’t know what to write” over and over again until something comes out. My hand does not stop writing something until three pages are done. Usually, at some point, I give myself some good advice out of it. It helps clear my thoughts and get out whatever I need to get out before I have to do it. Then, I end with something encouraging. Usually some sort of final line cheerio kinda thing. I think it’s best to stay up about it. Take the good; and leave the bad, I say.
  2. I sit in silence for about 10/15 mins or do a guided meditation. It is essential to have a starting point in your day. Meditation offers a form of acknowledgment of the day starting or ending. The routine and balance of it in my life is always reflective of my state of mind.
  3. I draw something. Anything. Every day I put pen to paper and draw something.
  4. Walking my neighborhood. I like to take walks and look for places and things that I may not have noticed before. I live by the beach, and there are certainly some eclectic houses and gardens amongst the beach view. It’s a lovely way to stay active and discover something new every time. I’ve tried them during the day, sunset, evenings, and midnight. It’s a way to keep it interesting and to keep it a different experience.
  5. An online writing class I do every Wednesday evening. This keeps me actively producing something structured and creative every week, and it keeps me on a comfortable weekly schedule. I’m doing this interview in between work for my class – which includes watching movies and TV for it, so it’s fitting in well with the “Shelter-At-Home” wave that we are on now.


SUSU ( Liza Colby and Kia Warren)

@SUSU_SUPERNATURAL = @lizacolbysound + @kiaifaniwarren

SUSU is a “one and only” type band. The smoldering New York City duo features firebrand female lead vocalists and songwriters Liza Colby of The Liza Colby Sound and Kia Warren of Revel In Dimes. Both are rock n’ roll provocateurs of the highest order. The duo just released their latest single “Let’s Get High” , which scavenges for the various pleasures that life has to offer, all through the eyes of two women with clear intentions. Both practicing safer at home with their respective partners they give us a glimpse into what their days look like.


  1. Cooking. We thought we were good before… NOW, fuhgedaboutit. Michelin Star meals on a 99 Cent store inventory… and makes rumbusticating even happier to come by 🙂
  2. Nesting/Organizing. We both grew up in big homes on the northeast and currently live in apartments, so organizing is a MUST. In our case, it is also a talent. Spending more than half of our time on the road, this pandemic though scary and unprecedented has allowed to nest and reclaim our home space… be wives and plant and animal moms again 🙂
  3. FaceTimeing/Zooming. We Zoom at least once a day with family and/or SUSU team members… but this category is really dedicated to Liza and I who FaceTime at LEAST 5 times a day… that being said:
  4. Creating. From releasing a new single, “Let’s Get High” to writing with our partners; choreographing a music video for Low Cut Connie or guest editing a new online zine… we know how to stoke our creative fires. NO MATTER WHAT.
  5. Journaling/Working Out/Meditation/Breathing, At the end of the day you can only control what you can only control, and RITUAL is so important… Be it making the bed, journaling on gratitude, making sure to get in that daily workout/boost of serotonin… we commit to doing so EVERYDAY.


Raegan Revord – @raeganrevord

Raegan Revord can currently be seen on the smash hit CBS comedy Young Sheldon, where she plays fan favorite ‘Missy Cooper,’ the sassy and brash twin sister to Sheldon. The outgoing and altruistic youngster is also a Junior Ambassador for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

  1. My mom, who is super frugal, (love you mom) broke down during the second week of quarantine and heated our pool as a way to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. So I’ve been doing a lot of swimming.
  2. Staying connected is really important right now. I’ve been FaceTiming with my friends. We found a way to watch movies together while we FaceTime so now we have movie nights.  I also play games with my friends on the Switch while we FaceTime each other. Playing Mario Cart is my favorite! I do Just Dance too so I can get some exercise.
  3. Music makes me feel so good and happy. I’ve been playing the piano, guitar, and ukulele. And of course lots of dancing and singing.
  4. I have four rescue dogs and they are very entertaining. They are constantly making me laugh. I work most of the year so I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I would like. We are all enjoying the extra cuddles right now.
  5. Before we wrapped for the season I was writing a series of short books for our cast and crew so I’ve been working on that as well as writing some other material.  I’m always reading! Being quarantined gives me the time to curl up with a good book for hours. With my dogs by my side, of course.


Niles Fitch – @nilesfitch

We just love the talented Niles Fitch, who plays ‘Young Randall Pearson’ on the award-winning NBC show This is Us.  The accomplished young actor has also just been cast as the first first Black, live-action prince. ‘Prince Tuma’, a character in the upcoming Disney+ movie Secret Society of Second-Born RoyalSo what is this history making teen doing during safer-at-home, find out.

  1. Working out.
  2. Cleaning up.
  3. Getting back into video games.
  4. Learning new ways to make the ultimate breakfast.
  5. Trying to fix the annoying and broken dryer.


Summer Wayans – @summerwayans

As a second generation Wayans family member, Summer Wayans has definitely made a name and destiny for herself. From strutting on the runways for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week  and working with brands such as Ashley Stewart, Wet Seal+, Forever 21+ and IGIGI , to a doctorate in Psychology and serving as an inspiration to those who have different challenges their lives as the founder of Wayans Girl Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on the needs of at-risk youth. This multi-talented woman has clearly carved her own niche.


  1. Daily walk (with a mask on and hand sanitizer handy) and home workout 3x/week.
  2.  Zoom calls with everyone! (Game night, coffee meetups, family fun, dance party)
  3. Started a meditation challenge to stay centered, grounded, and reflect.
  4. Cooking new recipes or things I am usually too tired to make.
  5. Love on my partner and my fur child.


Christopher Grubb – @arch_interiors_design

Christopher Grubb is the founder of the internationally award-winning interior and exterior design firm  ARCH-INTERIORS Design Group, Inc. Having been named one of the top 10 Interior Designers in Los Angeles, he gives some great tips on how to keep your home and mind clutter free during quarantine.

  1. Find your groove.  I’ve been listening to dance CD’s from the 90’s while I’m doing chores around the house (or not doing) and dancing.  The songs make me happy and it’s exercise!  Pick a genre and move…  And the memories brought up while listening to music have inspired me to reach out to more friends I haven’t talked to in too long.  We laugh together, and that helps me get my mind off these troubling times, and they are quality calls because I can be present.
  2. Spring yard makeover. I was interviewed recently on exterior spring makeovers, and this rare down time has triggered my thinking and planning for a spring yard update.  I’ve already ordered pots and soil to transplant some of what I have.  My advice is that now is the time for you to spend time in your yard, to feel it, and start on a mood board for the dream vision of your perfect outdoor space, and ready to do it!  Choose your colors, light fixtures, fabrics, and plants, put them all up there on your board, and begin ordering what you can now.
  3.  Leaf through the pages of forgotten coffee table books. I love books – art, photography, travel, architecture and design—I have an abundance.  Yes, I’ve opened up everyone when I received it, but I’m now going through them one by one and really looking.  I’ve told friends to take a look at their coffee table books.  Do they read them?   Do they like them?  If not, it’s time to donate the old, and get the ones you want.  You will have time to look at them and it will make your space seem fresher.
  4. Time travel Itineraries. Travel is my favorite thing and where I get much of my design inspiration.  I’m working on an itinerary now of the Loire Valley in Southern France.  It’s probably more days than would be realistic but I’m “traveling” in my mind now, picking up ideas on which Chateau to stay at, and special sights to see.
  5.  Organizing the bathroom drawer. I’m very well known for designing bathrooms, and when we’re designing them, storage is always paramount, especially organizers. If you are like me, the organizers in your drawers have gotten a little full, so time to cleanup and organize.  I went through and got rid of everything that had expired and put it on a shopping list to replace.  I also had lots of samples, including gifts and products from swag bags, which I sorted—lining up products I’ve been meaning to try and tossing others. I love how cleaned up my drawers look now, and who knew how nice a walnut truffle scrub would feel!

Charell Star – @charellstar

Charell Star is the Director of Content and Innovation at Essence Global, an online journalist at and AKC.TV, and a  contributor + featured lifestyle, tech, and fashion expert for on-air segments. As a former foster care youth and now advocate, Charell wants to make a difference for foster youth and does so by working with CASA NYC and City Living NY. As a storyteller, she uses her voice to empower other women to advocate for themselves in negotiations, businesses to tell their unique stories, and audiences to embrace their past to propel their future.

  1. With everyone bogged down with Coronavirus news, I thought it was the perfect time to highlight the good in the world. I created a fun IGTV series – My Good Newcast, where I feature good news stories from around the country to brighten people’s day. The episodes are about a minute each, so they are a great bite-size pick me up during this time.
  2. Working with CASA NYC and City Living NY to ensure Foster Care children are supported and taken care of.
  3. Spending time with my family!
  4. Working outside enjoying the sun and getting some Vitamin D.
  5. Taking one day at a time.


Martha Davis – @themotels

The charismatic Martha Davis, is best known as the front-woman of the iconic 80’s band The Motels. Earning gold record status and generating two Top Ten singles, “Only the Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer.” She has continued to write and perform and prior to the pandemic she was on tour and is set to release new music soon.

  1. I love to work around the farm. I have alpacas, goats, chickens, cats and dogs – and of course there is Ruthie the house chicken – I get such pleasure starting my day with them.
  2. Then Nap.
  3. Work on something around my house – so many little projects and the garden about to be planted, as weather permits.
  4. Then Nap.
  5. Work on music projects every day – a couple new albums coming – new Motels music and my Jazz album, “I’ve Got My Standards”, which is almost ready to release.
  6. Then Nap.
  7. I am in the middle of making a new video for my Standards album as well – been working on that this week.
  8. Then Go to bed… and start all over again (with no makeup).


Lesley “Lady Clipper” Bryant – @ladyclipper

Lesley “Lady Clipper” Bryant has a true passion for precision, artistry, and people. Over the last 6 years, she has dedicated her love for being a Barber-Stylist to clientele throughout the Washington, DC community. She understands her clients and creates looks that embody clean construction and elegant lines. Her mission is to reveal the best of your style with a look that speaks for itself. In May 2017, Lesley proudly opened the doors to The Lady Clipper Barber Shop, an all-inclusive women-owned barbershop.

  1. Cooking at home and trying new recipes.
  2. Getting fit with home workouts.
  3. Growing her hair out in solidarity of all her clients and patrons who are missing their hairstylist/barbers.
  4. Participating in Zoom calls with family and friends.
  5. Watching movies.

AJ Buckley – @ajbuckley

Star of CBS’s Seal Team, and co-founder of the innovative diaper bag company Paperclip, AJ Buckley has been nothing short of busy during this time. “We had to move houses during this quarantine, so three small kids and boxes everywhere has been tough to say the least however, we found some ways to make it work.”

  1.  We threw together a makeshift gym on the roof of our place which includes bands, weights and lots of sun.
  2. Drink lots of  Nude brand Vodka Soda’s.
  3. Board games.
  4. I haven’t been to church in years and the only positive thing on TV is listening to Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation church. He’s helped us find faith as a family and we look forward to every Sunday morning.
  5. Lots of sex.

Ashley Nicole Williams – @ashleynicolewilliams

 As a senior at Baylor University and star of the hit new show on Freeform, Motherland: Fort Salem, from Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s production company,  Ashley Nicole Williams, is used to a busy life. So what does this 21 year old doing during a pandemic?

  1. Write songs.
  2. Spend quality time with my parents.
  3. Play with my puppies – The caramel one is Knox Henderson  and the white one is Bella Luna.
  4. Daily workouts.
  5. Binge watching Netflix.

Ronen Rubinstein – @ronenrubinstein

Actor Ronen Rubinstein plays first responder ‘TK Strand’ on Fox’s  9-1-1: Lone Star, and like many, is laying low at his home currently, while also trying to stay active in his art and promote organizations and our healthcare workers. He recently started lighting a candle every night at 7 PM for our healthcare workers and quickly saw hundreds of his followers join in the act of gratitude.

  1. Lighting a candle every single day on Instagram at 7 PM PT for our Health Workers and First Responders. Over 200 fans have joined the initiative!
  2. LOTS of yummy Vegan cooking.
  3. Building a massive Fire Station Lego.
  4. Puzzles. Puzzles. Puzzles!
  5. Taking beautiful strolls with my pups.

Hannah Zeile – @hannahzeilexo

For those that do not know her, Hannah Zeile portrays the complex and vulnerable ‘Teen Kate’ on the award-winning show This is Us, where her performances have brought viewers to tears (at least this one). During this time of social distancing and quarantine, Hannah has been at home in her at home studio creating music. She will be releasing her first single, “Ode to My Anxiety,” on Friday, April 17th via Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. This single is the first from an overall EP she plans to release later this year. She wrote the song and lyrics, recorded at home and then sent over to her brother who live recorded the guitar accompaniment you hear.  This song is centered around Hannah’s personal anxiety, but is one that rings globally given the current state of how we are living.

  1. Writing and recording music.
  2. FaceTiming my family and friends.
  3. Perfecting the viral whipped coffee.
  4. Walking my dog for some exercise.
  5. Self-care (face-masks, baths, prayer, etc.).

Jordan Alexander – @thejordanalexander

With her beginnings as a singer, songwriter, we’ve been watching this up and coming artist, Jordan Alexander on Facebook Watch’s Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones, with Juliette Lewis and Ryan Kwanten, and needless to say she is a bad-ass new talent.

  1. Watching Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones on Facebook Watch. I love Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones so much, it’s fun to relive shooting the show. The platform is totally free which makes it an obvious choice for me.
  2. Tea! I love tea at the best of times but now, in my time of need, it’s the perfect comfort.
  3. Grimes – ‘Delete Forever.’ It’s a beautiful song with a nostalgic feel that just puts me at ease! I also love Grimes always, forever.
  4. Fuzzy Blanket (pictured)When my thoughts are too much to process, I like to focus on something physical, like the way a soft fuzzy blanket feels. It’s a manual reset and reminds me I’m okay.
  5. No equipment workout by @fitover50club I’m nowhere near fifty, but let me tell you this workout kicks my butt. I highly recommend it for getting your heart rate up and keeping active.

RYDYR – @colependery

RYDYR, aka Cole Pendery of IM5, has just launched his anticipated  next chapter in his career with the release of a new music video/single, “Dream Alone,” the first single off his 2020 EP. Cole has been keeping busy, founding his own label Shadowwood Records to release his music. An homage to the backwoods trail Shadowwood Road that his late creative and eclectic grandfather built, Cole ultimately plans to carve a similar path, and build a platform for himself and other artists to flourish.

  1. Keeping a good schedule. I’m waking up early and trying to have full productive days. It’s easy for me to fall into a lazy routine staying home all the time but I’m making sure I stay on top of it.
  2. Staying fit. I’m going on hikes every day and doing all workouts possible from the living room.
  3. EAT RIGHT! Making sure to use this time to only fuel up on healthy alkaline foods, mainly veggies and plant-based foods. That’s been my lifestyle for the past year, but it’s also an important key in beating illness like this corona virus. And drink lots of water.
  4. Staying creative and inspired. I’m taking this time to better myself and my craft by taking classes online, practicing guitar more, and writing a lot. We need to use this time for growth!
  5. Connecting. I’ve been on lock down with my family, and usually we are spread across the country. I’m in LA, my sister is in NY and our parents are in Vegas. So, this is the longest we’ve been together in one house in many years. It’s really nice, so I’m taking the time to just soak that in and connect with everyone deeper. Also, it’s a great time for FaceTime and phones calls with friends. This can bring us even more together by keeping us apart.

Bianca Lawson – @biancajasminelawson

Bianca Lawson, has come a long way from Saved by the Bell: The New ClassFrom her roles on Goode Behavior and Pretty Little Liars to now starring in Queen Sugar which is Executive Produced by none other than Oprah Winfrey and  created by Academy Award nominee Ava DuVernay. This multi-talented actress, and step-sister to Queen B, has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and is definitely one to keep their eyes on.

  1. I’ve been building a mindfulness practice. There’s a wonderful book called “Good morning, I love you.” In it, there’s an exercise where when first waking up in the morning, place your hand on your heart and take a moment to simply feel the connection; receive this tender gesture of self-care. And say to yourself “Good morning, I love you, [your name].” So, every morning I greet myself with “Good morning, I love you Bianca.” There really is something very magical and soothing about it. I’ll also send this gesture of love out to anyone that comes into my mind that morning.
  2. I’ve been researching the healing power of Tarot. There are two books, “Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom” and “Holistic Tarot.” Learning about and studying this from the frame of self-healing has been really enlightening and yes, healing for me.
  3. I’ve been doing remote sessions as well as self-administered.
  4. Decreasing my internet and social media consumption.
  5. Consciously focusing on what I have to be grateful for.

Bridget Regan – @bridgetregan

With a resume spanning 15 years of memorable work, Bridget Regan has crossed all genres, from comedy (Jane the Virgin) and action (The Last Ship) to cult favorites (Legend of the Seeker) and the Marvel universe (Agent Carter). She will be making her return to television this April in Spectrum TV’s newest original series, the Southern Gothic drama, Paradise Lost.

  1. Cooking! Lots of new things I’ve never attempted before: sushi, pizza dough etc… it’s making all the meal prep more exciting and fun. Yes, there have been some fails (I majorly burnt an apple pie) but my spaghetti carbonara was major! Thanks Jamie Oliver.
  2. Everyday once schoolwork is done we’re doing a family walk or backyard athletic game (soccer, Wiffle ball, and my mom gave us Ribbon Ninja which has been a big hit. It’s been raining a lot lately in LA so we’ve been doing some serious Just Dance competitions.
  3. Showing our oldest kiddo classic family movies she’s never seen before – Goonies, Princess Bride etc.
  4. Giving back where I can – donating to causes I believe in: Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry. And I’ve been doing Cameos to raise more money for charity. I will be back on the site April 16-18th during their Cameo Cares fundraising weekend.
  5. Taking it one day at a time!

Tom Goss – @tomgossmusic

 LGBTQ indie singer-songwriter Tom Goss ,who mixes tender ballads with folk/pop, is a prolific writer and performer. He recently released his seventh album, Territories, and has played more than a thousand shows across the US, Canada, and Europe.

  1. I’ve been writing and curating a global song and video to help bring people together during this time of isolation. I’m working with a dozen artists on 4 different continents to bring this to life. It’s so nice to be finding community in a whole new way!
  2. I’m getting ready to release a new music video (Regretting) off my newest record Territories. This is the third installment of a 3-part series of videos directed by Nathaniël Siri. I’m very excited to get the final chapter of this story out into the world.
  3. I’m going for real nice walks with my husband every day. We’re talking and connecting, trying to settle into a slower pace of life. He loves when things are slow so he’s happy. I also may have dyed my hair blond and cut it (complete with racing stripes) all by myself.
  4. I’ve been live streaming on my Facebook and Instagram page every evening at 6 PM (Pacific Time). I’m playing a mix of covers and originals, all by request. If I’m stumped, I make my husband sing. It’s a big ball of smiles and laughter.
  5. ClassPass is now offering streaming workouts so I’m signing up for a new fun workout every day! I was beginning to be less motivated doing it myself so I’m very happy to have someone virtually yelling at me.

John Russo – @johnrussophoto

John Russo is one of the top celebrity photographers, who has photographed every major magazine tittle in the world as well as campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Hugo Boss. He is also an accomplished director who has worked on several high profile music videos.  John has dedicated his life to helping others. His latest book, “100 Making A Difference,” is a collection of the world’s top humanitarians who are making a difference in the lives of others.
  1. I created an online photography workshop. I’ve always wanted to do this, but never had the time or patience to do it. I worked with my assistant Tas creating lessons and content. I’m excited to launch it next week.
  2. I’ve been walking a lot. Checking out my neighborhood. It’s funny how you live in a town, but you never really notice the houses. I’m more interested in the architecture and design even more so now. This is also great exercise as I want to remain a 32 waist!
  3. I decided to write a book about the last 2 1/2 years traveling the world with my mom. A funny, poignant and heartfelt reflection on my life with her. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, but it’s something I need to do.
  4. I’ve been cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. This is something I’ve never done. I usually eat out every meal. This has been an extremely eye-opening experience and has made me fall in love with cooking. I get recipes online and make amazing things. I’m loving it!
  5. I’m using this time to clear out my closets and personal belongings. Although I pride myself on being a minimalist, over the years I have accumulated so many unnecessary things. I don’t need 6 blue sweatshirts. I need one. And lord knows having 10 pairs of sneakers is a huge waste.  It’s all going to charity!

To be continued…