K A T E   M A R A 


Interview}  Ken Waller

Photographs by}  John Russo 

Makeup by} Rachel Goodwin

Hair by} Mara Roszak

Styling by}  Jennifer Austin 

Location}  Los Angeles

Produced by}  Photohouse Productions


KW: How would you describe your character (Ashley) in “Class of 09”?

KM: The character I play is an ambitious person who has a tendency to lead with her heart, which seems to be rare in the law enforcement world that she enters. She romanticizes her career and puts it first (which causes some issues in her relationships). She becomes the most successful undercover agent the bureau has ever seen, which is exciting.


KW: Let’s talk about your upcoming appearance in Black Mirror season 6. This star-studded season looks unbelievable! How was that experience?

KM: I had the most amazing time working on this show. We filmed in Whitstable, England, by the sea, which was so beautiful and peaceful. I loved working with our director John Crowley so much; he was an absolute dream director. Aaron Paul and I have known each other for years but have never worked together before, and we had the best time. Our daughters became friends while we were there and played together while we worked. It was truly a wonderful experience.


KW: Knowing how chaotic and twisted Black Mirror is, what was the most challenging aspect of filming your role in Black Mirror season 6? How did you overcome those challenges?

KM: I was about six months pregnant while we filmed this. The crew was so supportive and not at all worried about hiding the fact (my character was not meant to be pregnant in the show). It was not at all chaotic to film, unlike some other projects can be. It felt like a well-oiled machine (even during stressful covid times).


KW: Now that you’ve welcomed your third child, how has motherhood changed you?

KM: I became a stepparent about eight years ago, enriching and changing my life in many ways. I learned how to be a parent with my stepson, so when our daughter was born four years ago, my husband and I had already been parents together for a while. Our newest addition is the chillest baby boy. He has constant love from his siblings (which is a relief because you never know how your other kids might react to a new baby). I love the hectic nature of being outnumbered by three kids. I grew up in a very full household, so I feel at home in this type of environment!


KW: Would you encourage your kids to pursue acting?

KM: Acting has only changed my life for the better. My husband and I both started acting as children; if our kids showed interest, it would make a lot of sense. My hope is only to encourage whatever their dreams might be.


KW: What’s next for you?

KM: Not sure I can talk about my next movie quite yet because things keep changing with the strikes etc.!


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