Interview & Photographs by} John Russo 

Makeup by} Jill Cady

Hair by} Jill Crosby


Q: I just think you are the funniest person I know! Where you always the funniest girl in the room as a teenager?

A: No, definitely not. There were definitely way funnier people, but I was the most petite person. And when you don’t feel you can be seen, you figure out ways to be seen. And for me it was humor. Thank you Carol Burnett.


Q: When I was photographing you, you transformed from hysterical, comedic, loads of fun Kristin to sexy as hell, blonde bombshell Kristin in like seconds. How on earth do you make that split second change? It’s really remarkable.

A: I look at every photoshoot, especially with you – Maestro, that it is a character. So when you put it to me like that as an actress, I understand.


Q: If you had to credit one person for inheriting their sense of humor who would it be?

A:  My mother, Junie Chenoweth.


Q: You have the wonderful reputation of being sweet as pie, do you think your southern upbringing contributed to your sweetness?

A:  Yes, but people are always surprised when I have a brain.


Q: Hollywood is notorious for their roles for women. Either you’re a 20 something girlfriend, the 30 something young mother or the grandmother. It seems there isn’t much in between. Do you find this to be true and if so, do you think the climate of this is changing?

A:  I think the climate is 100% changing. And I’d like to thank Cecily Strong for producing Schmigadoon! and not seeing any age at all, just character.


Q:  Of all the roles you have played in your career, which role do you have a special place in your heart and why?

A: Lily Garland, On The Twentieth Century, for reasons well known to myself.


Q: I think most actors have their dream role. A role they are dying to play. What is your dream role and who is your dream co-star? Cast well!

A: Hello Dolly for sure, or Mame, and anything with Brian D’Arcy James.


Q:  As we all know 2020 & the beginning of 2021 have been quite dreadful, over the last year and a half what have you learned about yourself?

A: That I missed a year.


Q: The classic LA question…What are you working on now? I know you always have something brewing young lady!

A:  An Apple series, Schmigadoon this Summer and a new album coming out this Fall, which I can’t wait! And beyond – I have no idea what the future holds but yet I know what the future holds. And we will see which marathon wins.


Q: I small bird told me you are leaving LA and heading to Nashville to take residence. What is it about Nashville that is such a draw for you? 

A:  Music City. Period. Not about looks. About music!


Q:  If you could close your eyes and click your heels together right now where would you go?

A:  To say hi to my grandma and grandpa.


Finish this sentence…

Oh yes, I worked with Kristin many years ago on Broadway and I must say she was always….

A: Kind


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