Edited by { Bonnie Davidson

Photography by { John Russo

Styling by { Jeanne Yang with The Wall Group

Grooming by { Tammy Ashmore

At 10 years old, Gregg Sulkin made his acting debut in the British TV miniseries Doctor Zhivago. Sixteen years later, he’s one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood. He’s also the object of teen adoration with 4.1 million Instagram followers, thanks to roles on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, MTV’s Faking It, ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and currently Hulu’s binge-worthy hit, Marvel’s Runaways, on which he stars as privileged high school boy and mad scientist Chase Stein. Here, the handsome British actor talks about dressing up, dressing down and other elements of style.

How would you define your personal style?

When I’m at home, I’m either in sweats or a bathrobe and some Uggs. Give me a cup of coffee and a good book and its happy days. If I’m out and about, I would definitely say “put together.” Some jeans, a dope jacket, cool shoes, etc. I’m also a young dude, so I like to have fun with fashion when I’m in public. I also love wearing suits.

Does your style differ from your Runaways character, Chase Stein?

Yes. Chase’s style is more casual and loose fitting. Our costume designers do a great job with my character, but I definitely would say my personal style has a little bit more flair. I am not afraid to take risks. 

Do you have a favorite men’s designer or brand? 

I have always had a wonderful relationship with the Armani brand. [Public relations executives] Roberta Armani and Barry Frediani invited me to the Milan Fashion Show a couple years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. I am friendly with Paul Andrew, the creative director at Salvatore Ferragamo, and have always thought [the brand is] unique. However, there are also wonderful brands, such as Rag & Bone, Diesel, Madewell, The Kooples, Vince and AllSaints, that I love to wear.

How do you think American style differs from British style?

We tend to wear things a little bit tighter. 

Can you name one male actor, past or present, who is your style icon?

Clooney and Beckham stand out to me. They are always immaculate. Or maybe it’s just them as individuals that I admire and not just their clothes.

Is there a specific era that inspires your style? 

The ’80s, for sure. I like the faded jeans, bomber jacket, faded tee look. Although, I must say, workout gear is not really my style. Some of those workout shorts are definitely too short for my liking. Imagine how cold it must get if there’s a little breeze outside!

What about the beard craze? Are you feeling it?

It takes me a minute or two to grow one, but absolutely into it. I feel like I’m going to go out to the farm and chop down some wood. Then I shave and I feel like I could sneak into high school and go unnoticed. But, hey, my mother reminds me to be happy with how I look because one day I’ll wish I was in my 20s again.

Do you prefer shopping online or at brick-and-mortar stores?

I don’t like shopping. I’m the dude who sits on the couches in the store while my mother or girlfriend shops. However, if I really do need to buy clothes, I’ll run to the store. No faffing about though. Straight in and straight out. If I need to buy toothpaste or hand soap, Amazon is the perfect way to go.

If you could design one article of clothing, what would it be? 

A suit. I wore my first suit when I was 13 years old and I remember it made me feel a certain way. It made me stand taller and I felt like a gentleman. One day I would love to start my own suit line.

What are your most beloved pieces of jewelry? 

I do love my watches. I always wear a gold ring on my pinky finger that was given to me by my 100-year-old aunt before she passed. I also wear a gold necklace that was given to me before my cousin passed away.