By { Marie Look

Pullman Hotels & Resorts, the collection of upscale, cosmopolitan properties under the AccorHotels brand, is launching an inspired wellness program at more than 100 of its properties worldwide. The program made its North American debut at Pullman San Francisco Bay last summer, and the next, at Pullman Miami, is currently in the works.

Aldina Duarte Ramos, director of well-being for Pullman, worked closely with wellness coach Sarah Hoey to develop the tenets of the program. The new concept, which has been four years in the making, is based on four essential pillars of health: sleep, food, sport and spa. Customizable options focus on anti-aging, energy, balance and detoxification.

An overall goal of the program is to take health beyond the Pullman Hotels’ fitness lounges and consider multiple aspects of health, rather than movement alone. “The better and more energetic guests feel when traveling, the more rewarding their stay will be, whether they are traveling for business or leisure,” explains Ramos.

To support sleep, Pullman makes Dreem headbands available to guests at select properties. Designed by neurotechnology company Rythm, the Dreem headband is paired with an accompanying mobile app. A guest simply dons the (surprisingly comfortable) headband overnight and lets Rythm’s technology do the rest. Built-in speakers diffuse sounds to the inner ear, and ultra-fine sensors track the wearer’s brain waves, heart rate and breathing. With long-term use, the data and insights collected by the device could help improve sleep patterns. In the short term, the Dreem headband enables users to fall asleep with greater ease, enhances deep sleep and wakes them at the best possible time for maximum refreshment.

With respect to the food pillar, Hoey collaborated with Pullman’s culinary team to create health-conscious offerings that support anti-aging, energy, balance and detoxification. Menu items, which include dairy-, sugar- and gluten-free options, will vary among Pullman properties according to the region and seasons, but will always include an Active Breakfast, which Hoey designed to be nutritious and filling—perhaps detoxifying vegetable shots (pineapple, spinach, ginger, cucumber, mint, cayenne), an energy-boosting scramble of egg white, spinach, feta and chicken, and a side of fresh seasonal fruit or a mixed berry smoothie.

In regard to the sport pillar, each guest room is outfitted with a Pullman yoga mat, resistance bands and hand weights, and a local jogging map is available upon request. Additionally, Hoey and the brand have produced a number of 4-minute and 7-minute videos, which guests can view on the TV in their room, on a smartphone or tablet (poolside flow, anyone?). Think morning and evening yoga routines, as well as workouts geared toward the four fundamentals. In addition to the hotel’s fitness lounge, these tools are at guests’ disposal to make wellness more efficient and convenient while they’re on the road.

Pullman also recognizes the health benefits of a deep-tissue massage and age-defense treatment for travelers. Guests can embrace the fourth pillar at Pullman Hotels’ on-site or partner spas with a morning aromatherapy treatment to gently shake off jet lag, an invigorating afternoon massage to circulate blood flow and provide an energy boost, or a body wrap in the evening to detox and unwind.

In addition, Hoey hosts multi-day wellness experiences (programs and pricing, with some activities offered free of charge, vary by location) at destinations across the network. The first was held in Dubai, the second in São Paulo. Open to both hotel guests and non-guests, these immersive retreats can include cooking classes, nutrition workshops and movement sessions. Whether she’s instructing a balance session with Waff stability cushions in Mazagan, teaching paddle yoga in Sardinia or discussing nutrition in Bangkok, Hoey is always espousing the four pillars of wellness. 

Referring to the program’s genesis, Ramos notes, “It all started in 2014, when I was appointed head of wellness concepts and products for the luxury edition of AccorHotels. What we wanted as a group was to have a more holistic approach when you book your hotel and not cluster every guest experience. … And then I met Sarah in Marrakesh. She was there [at Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort & Spa] creating a boot camp. … We shared our vision, our ambition and what we wanted, and actually we have the same ambition about making wellness accessible for all.”

As the program continues its worldwide rollout, the four pillars are adapted to suit each property near and far while maintaining the holistic approach. “Everyone agrees that these are vital fundamental elements,” adds Ramos. “The idea is to make wellness available anywhere you’re staying. Whether you forgot your tennis shoes, or whether you want to practice indoor, outdoor. … Let’s find solutions for you to take care of yourself.”