P A U L A   C R O W N 


Photographs by} John Russo 

Words by} Rachel Madison Hill

Makeup} Yasuko Shapiro

Hair} Michaela Limur

Styling by} Jennnifer Austin

Location} Milk Studios, Los Angeles

Produced by}  Ken Waller for Photohouse Productions


Artist Paula Crown collaborates with Prada to Launch a stunning Limited-Edition Ski Collection Inspired by Paula’s Aspen Map series. 

“The work relates to landscape and multiple views of the Aspen mountains. The trail maps provide navigation and bearings. At the same time, the trails reflect the marks made individually and collectively on the landscape. The indexes of human energy—and their power to affect change—with each other and the environment continues as a line of investigation for the artist,” says Paula Crown.
The 7-piece collection includes ski jackets, puffer jackets, and knitwear reflecting Aspen’s spirit.
This is Paula’s latest ASPENX Prada collection. She has had several prior collaborations with the brands.
“We’re honored to continue our collaboration with the esteemed house of Prada and to expand the presence of art “writ large” in the natural and built environment. It is an extension of Aspen’s Art in Unexpected Places. The trail map paintings are translated to new forms with the Prada design team,” says Paula Crown.
Crown teamed up with Celebrity Photographer, John Russo, to create the high-altitude campaign. ” I have worked with Paula on two other AspenX/Prada campaigns. We continue pushing the conceptual envelope by raising the creative bar each time.  I am completely in awe of Paula’s work and relish any opportunity to create art with her,” says Russo.
As 2023 hits, we will see more of Paula’s collaborations with various luxury brands. There is simply no stopping Paula Crown.
You can purchase the latest Prada collection athttp://Aspenx.com
To find out more about Paula, follow her @paulacrownart