Written by} Ken Waller

Photographs by} John Russo

Live/Work spaces have always been a novelty. But 2020 has catapulted them into the spotlight. With more and more companies requiring people to stay home for work, people are turning to creative spaces for their new digs.

‘Stumble out of bed and stumble in the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition’’ …and then walk downstairs to work! Wait that’s the norm. In the age of Covid, that is exactly the norm. The demand for creative loft and live work spaces has skyrocketed across the United States. In New York, the real estate market is booming with the need for larger townhouses, brownstones and loft spaces. “I just don’t feel comfortable working in a crowded office space”, says Art Director Marco Rubello. “I also want to spend more time with my family so moving into a space that enables me to both live & work is a win win.

The trend is also hitting Los Angeles in a big way. With major film studios telling everyone to stay home for work, employees are re-evaluating their current living situations. The resurgence of the ‘loft style’ residence with a first floor work area is in full demand. “It alls come down to supply and demand. There are a few pockets in LA that have existing loft spaces. The Melrose & Highland area is a great pocket for live/work spaces with larger units on Melrose that enable a four car tandem garage”, says LA realtor, Patrick Fogarty of Hilton & Hyland. “People need to separate their work life with their home life, it’s as simple as that. Live/work spaces are the solution.”

Top Designer Erinn V. transformed this loft space into something warm and dynamic for one of LA’s top photographers John Russo. She created a first floor office and work space that separates the living space. Gone are the days of simple boring office interiors. “Erinn added so many great design elements to the space. It’s the perfect balance of design and functionality”, says John Russo.

With live/work properties going into multiple offers and even selling before they hit the market, buyers are getting frustrated. Don’t despair, developers are already planning their next moves by creating more creative spaces to fit the times.