Meet the hottest talents on the Hollywood horizon—a new generation of stars barely out of their teens who are enthusiastic, ambitious, social media savvy and destined for greatness.

By Marie Look
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Redhot Fashionista:

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Perhaps this is Madelaine Petsch’s (@medelame) world and we’re all just living in it. The 23-year-old actress’ teen drama Riverdale was just renewed by The CW for a third season. Her Privé Revaux capsule collection of sunglasses dropped this spring and sold out immediately … twice. And she has more than 7 million followers on Instagram who patiently await her every fashionable move.

And Petsch does not disappoint. Her feed takes fans behind the scenes at photoshoots, awards ceremonies, dates with her boyfriend (recording artist Travis Mills) and even downtime with her Riverdale castmates. The wildly successful series, which boasts a dark, campy aesthetic and a soundtrack that mixes retro tracks with contemporary ones, is based on characters from Archie Comics, mainly Cheryl Blossom (Petsch), Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse).

Petsch spent her childhood traveling between South Africa, where her parents are from, and Washington state. Expressing an interest in performing at an early age, she took dance lessons and theater classes. Following graduation from the Tacoma School of the Arts, she promptly moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career.

Now the actress lights up every one of her scenes by way of her naturally red hair, sharp ensembles—often a dramatic combo of red and black—and convincing portrayal of Cheryl as a rich mean girl (she took home “Choice Hissy Fit” at the Teen Choice Awards last year) who turns out to be far more complicated than viewers could have ever predicted.

Riverdale—and Petsch—are only getting better with time. Season 3 promises to bring more Cheryl Blossom, more cutting-edge fashion, more juicy storylines and, ideally, more behind-the-scenes posts for her Instagram followers. One thing’s for sure: If this is Madelaine’s world, we “like” it.

Despite having its roots in a comic dating back to the 1940s, Riverdale is hugely popular today. What makes the concept and characters translate so well for the current audience?
I think the characters themselves are timeless. The personalities of each character—good and bad, flaws and strengths—and the issues each one has had to deal with are all universal and can be identified within any time period.

Your character, Cheryl Blossom, has a distinctive sense of style. How do you view fashion, and where does your personal style intersect (if at all) with, or diverge from, Cheryl’s?
My personal style definitely has some Cheryl notes to it. I tend to use bold colors as an accent. Just as she goes with red, I like to use red, too, or my other favorite is yellow. I think, if anything, my style is more diverse than hers day to day. I find some days I’ll lean towards a beautiful sundress or mom jeans and a black tee, but other days I’ll put a full outfit together. Cheryl uses her wardrobe as a way to enhance her façade. I use my style as a way to express myself.

You’ve said you were bullied as a kid for your red hair, but now you embrace it and it’s your trademark. At what moment did you begin to confidently own it?
There was no real a-ha moment. It took time and leaving my small town. It honestly was about me growing up and learning how to embrace the things that make me different. Finding the beautiful and unique things about other people helped me appreciate those things about myself.

Riverdale films in and around Vancouver. Had you spent much time there prior to working on the show? Do you have any favorite neighborhoods or local haunts?
Well, I grew up in Washington, so I was familiar with the Pacific Northwest, but I had only been to Vancouver once. No matter where I am in the world I’m a homebody, so I don’t go out much while filming. The nights that I look back on most fondly are the ones where we all get together and hang out at each other’s apartments.

How are you dealing with show’s rising popularity? Have you had any memorable encounters with passionate fans?
It actually hasn’t been too crazy. I’m lucky enough to have a really solid support system through family, friends and my boyfriend, as well as a cast that is going through this together, so we all help each other. I would say every encounter is very memorable for me still, since I’ve only had fans for a year and every single one of them has been so passionate about the show and the work we do. Every day I feel so lucky to be on a show with such a strong and passionate fan base.

No discussion of Riverdale is complete without mentioning its incredible soundtrack. What genre or artists do you listen to at home?
Honestly, I listen to everything. And my boyfriend is a musician so, typically, I lean on him for music decisions around the house.

Are you still a vegan?
I’ve been plant based my entire life, and I still am. My passion for the planet and health drive that decision.

What are some of your favorite vegan restaurants in L.A. and beyond?
I love Sage right now; Veggie Grill is always a good go-to in LA. There’s a place called Plumb in Seattle that I love. I also really enjoy cooking at home.

What do you do to relax and unwind when you’re off duty?
I’m really big on self care. My version of a relaxing day is going to the gym, making a nice meal for my boyfriend and, before falling asleep, watching Silicon Valley.

Do you enjoy traveling?
The more of the world you see, the better rounded of a human you become, since you have the opportunity to see all walks of life. I feel very lucky to have been able to grow up traveling as much as I did and still do. I love traveling and I’m appreciative of these experiences.

What’s your fantasy travel destination?
There are a lot of places I would still love to see in the world, but right now I am really feeling a staycation somewhere in California. Exploring Big Sur and staying at the stunning Post Ranch Inn sounds dreamy.


Triple Threat:


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Los Angeles native Cameron Boyce (@thecameronboyce) got his film break in 2008 at 9 years old, when horror flick Mirrors and thriller Eagle Eye where released within six weeks of each other. Next, he played Adam Sandler’s son in Grown Ups and its sequel. It wasn’t long before Disney came calling. Now 19, the actor, who is also a gifted singer and dancer, has a slew of Disney credits to his name including Jessie, and stars in the channel’s popular Descendants franchise (the third installment is due in 2019). Meanwhile, Boyce has been cast in the much-anticipated ABC comedy pilot Steps, starring Ginnifer Goodwin, about four adults raising three kids after two divorces.

What does it take to be successful in this industry while you’re still growing up?
The thing that I’ve found is that I’ve never sacrificed any of myself from the time I was 7 to today. I think that’s key. There are plenty of opportunities this town presents that don’t reflect the kind of person I am. At the end of the day I want to be remembered as who I really was, not what certain people thought would make me a big star. I think people respect that and understand that a person with clear vision is a person who’s driven to shake things up entirely.

In addition to acting, will you do more dancing in upcoming projects?
I’ve been really happy with the recent resurgence of dance being in the forefront of some of Hollywood’s biggest projects. Anything that combines the two is something that will perk my ears up, whether there’s a role for me or not. I’m hoping that a project rolls around that’s youthful and original and shakes the world up, like a West Side Story. Something that changes the fabric of the industry.

With an unlimited travel budget, what luxury hotel would you most like to call home for a week?
That’s tough because I’m usually the kind of person who prefers to experience a place’s culture. I feel like staying at a luxury resort sometimes takes some of the authenticity away from a destination. I’d probably spend the money on getting to a place that’s remote and hard to reach, rather than on the hotel.


Taking Super-Flight:

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Multitalented Kaalan Walker (@whokr) is setting both the music and movie industries ablaze. The 23-year-old rapper, who is signed to Empire Records and releases music under the moniker “KR,” released his EP “The Intermission” last year and has performed and toured with the likes of G Eazy, A$AP Ferg and School Boy Q. As a dramatic actor, Walker held his own opposite Halle Berry and Daniel Craig in Kings, which centers on a Los Angeles foster family in the days leading up to the Rodney King trial verdict. The L.A. native will soon be seen in SuperFly, a remake of the 1972 blaxploitation crime drama.

Which is more fulfilling, acting or making music?
Acting and music fulfill me in the same way, actually. It’s kind of interesting. My original love is music, because I’ve done it for so long, but as I got it into acting I slowly started to realize it’s the same expression. With music, I’m more focused on the mental and with acting, I’m more focused on emotions.

Kings was helmed by female director Deniz Gamze Ergüven, and both Kings and SuperFly feature diverse casts. What are your thoughts?
I feel like it was meant to be this way the whole time. Everybody’s different appearance-wise, but it shouldn’t really matter because we all think and feel the same things, just in different settings. I appreciate seeing people from different backgrounds support each other and hopefully we can influence others to do the same.

If money were no object, what would be your next tech toy or speed machine purchase?
A tech toy I would really want to have is some type of mind-reading machine. A lot of people have a hard time being true to themselves. It’s something I struggled with and still have a hard time handling sometimes. So it would really be cool to see what people really feel and think for a change.


Tough Guy:

Grey Suede Jacket by { Preach
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Comfortable in rough-and-tumble roles, 36-year-old Jonathan Tucker (@jonathanmtucker) recently played villainous Major Craddock in Season 2 of HBO’s Westworld. A Boston native, he brings a certain grittiness to characters, such as an Irish-American New Yorker who falls into organized crime in NBC’s The Black Donnellys; hired gun Boon in the final season of FX’s Justified; and troubled mixed martial artist Jay in the DirecTV drama Kingdom. Fans may be surprised to learn Tucker studied ballet for several years in his youth, which could explain his on-camera athleticism. His next feat of acting agility: an armored car robber in City on a Hill, a Showtime drama executive produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, scheduled for a 2019 premiere.

Is there anything from your ballet training that you bring to acting?
Be punctual. Be polite. Be professional. Practice, practice, practice. And plié.

What is your dream project/collaboration?
Whether it’s an immersive experience like Carne y Arena [in English, Flesh and Sand, a 2017 American short virtual reality project written and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu] or an exploration into the American frontier with The Revenant, Iñárritu employs the three elements that St. Francis demands from an artist: hands, head and heart. That’s the sort of storyteller with whom I want to share a ride.

A hypothetical: You’re dressing for your next premiere. What luxury designer duds or wristwear do you reach for?
Jamie Davidson & Ilaria Urbinati’s Strong Suit collaboration and a Cartier Santos with a custom Jason Jones [formerly of Parabellum] leather band.


Rare Medium:

Button-Up Shirt with Doodle Detail by { Zara
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At just 22 years old, Tyler Henry (@tylerhenrymedium) displays poise, wisdom and clarity beyond his age. That’s because the clairvoyant medium has been communicating with the departed since he was only 10. Henry explains his gift, which he refers to as “knowingness,” in his best-selling memoir Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side. The California native shares his talent with celebrity guests like Jim Parsons, Chrissy Metz and Jewel on his E! reality show Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, which just wrapped its third season. When he’s not on camera, touring or working on his second book, Henry shares sweet snaps of himself with his mother, his boyfriend and his original abstract paintings on Instagram.

What’s been your most memorable celebrity reading on Hollywood Medium?
One of my most memorable readings was with RuPaul. He was incredible. I was a huge fan of him before the reading, so getting to meet him was an honor. In the reading, his dad came through and took accountability for an addiction problem. It allowed RuPaul to find a sense of peace that he never received while his dad was alive. It was really transformative for the both of us.

You unfortunately have to deal with your share of critics and naysayers. Do you have any advice for fans who want to stand tall despite their own haters?
I’d say there’s power in being yourself, and what others say about you is none of your business. There will always be people who don’t like what you’re doing. Do it anyway if it is your calling. Your power exists in what makes you unique.

With zero regard to budget, what would be the most indulgent, luxurious gift you could give yourself?
Probably a week’s supply of naps. Some of the most luxurious things money can’t buy.


Good Bad Boy:

Black Shirt and Charcoal Pants by { Zara
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On Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why—the controversial teen mystery drama that grapples with topics such as depression, bullying, rape and teen suicide—Justin Prentice (@justin.prentice) plays Bryce Walker, a popular bad boy who was universally despised by fans of the show during Season 1. But the 24-year-old Nashville native’s social media persona couldn’t be more different than his TV character. Online, Prentice is fun and funny; he posts about good times with castmates plus his support for causes such as suicide prevention and female advancement in Africa. With memorable past appearances on AMC’s Preacher, MTV’s Awkward. and The CW’s iZombie, all of which boast dark elements, Prentice is so good at being bad. Still, fans of 13 Reasons Why will no doubt be waiting for Bryce Walker to redeem himself as they binge Season 2 of the series this summer.

The effects of bullying are a major thread in 13 Reasons Why and a few of your other projects. How do you avoid glorifying bullies and bullying itself?
I think it’s important to never make bullying look glamorous. One of the ways to do that is to either see the bully fall, or to have the bully’s world and ideologies change or crumble. In 13 Reasons Why, almost all of the characters have done something that is considered bullying. We see a lot of those characters dealing with the guilt of their past actions, and for those characters that may not feel guilty, their world around them is at least starting to unhinge.

You’ve been crushing roles as someone the audience loves to hate. Do you enjoy playing the resident baddie? Any chance we’ll see you play a good guy soon?
Yes to both. I very much enjoy being the villain. Generally speaking, I’m not a horrible person in my day-to-day life, so it’s always fun to play one onscreen. However, I also enjoy being the good guy. Ideally, I’d like to find a nice balance of both and not get pigeonholed into any one thing. I want to play as many different types of people as I can. That’s part of the joy of acting.

If funds were unlimited, what would be your next splurge-worthy luxury purchase?
Unlimited? I’d maybe buy Mars. It seems like a decent investment at the moment. Lots of opportunity. We’re going to have to branch off from Earth eventually. But more realistically … A house. L.A. is ridiculously expensive, and I’ve been paying rent here for over a decade, so a house would be nice. Also a dragon. I realize they don’t exist, but with unlimited funds, I’m sure science could drum something up.


Mouse House Alum:

Black Crochet Dress by { The Kooples
Hair by { David Stanwell
Makeup by { Coleen Campbell-Olwell

Singer and dancer Debby Ryan (@debbyryan), a former Disney darling, appeared in juggernauts Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana before landing lead roles in the family-friendly channel’s The Suite Life on Deck and Jessie. Now in the grownup, post-Mickey phase of her career, the 25-year-old Alabama native appeared on the big screen opposite Melissa McCarthy in the comedy Life of the Party. And later this year, she returns to TV as a bullied teen/beauty pageant contestant in Insatiable, a dark comedy coming to Netflix.

What was it like to work on set with Melissa McCarthy in Life of the Party?
The atmosphere on set was thick with delight, discovery and sincerity. Melissa and Ben [actor/filmmaker Ben Falcone, McCarthy’s husband] lead with kindness and excellence; they’re like treasure hunters for weirdos and they’re architects for creating the ultimate playground for us. They create the kind of environment that makes you want to be better, sharper, to listen harder and dig deeper. Melissa is such a skilled improviser and a person who loves people, so I think her brain is this infinite arsenal of things she’s noticed humor in. As a person, a leader, a public figure and an artist, Melissa’s given me cool perspective on what’s worth taking seriously, and what probably isn’t.

Do you enjoy dramatic roles as much as comedic ones?
I think the funniest people are the most earnest and sincere, and that people who are serious all the time are so funny. There’s comedy to be found in everything and if I think too hard about the absurd things, they become pretty upsetting. They go hand in hand for me, and the most fun is had when I’m skating with one foot on each texture.

A hypothetical: You’ve got to pick a dress for the next Academy Awards. Which designers do you ring up?
This requires so much imagination! Context is so key. I always love Oscar looks by Giambattista Valli, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Prada all day. A Balmain suit would be dreamy. Or Elie Saab, because the Academy Awards are the ultimate fairy tale.


Suddenly Famous:

Gold Embroidered Military Jacket by { The Extreme Collection USA
Black Asymmetrical Skirt by { Luciana Balderrama
Rings by { Love AJ Brown
Hair by { Donte C. Smith
Makeup by { Joyce Bonell

Lex Scott Davis (@scottyeye), a 27-year-old actor/singer/dancer, was plucked from near-obscurity to take on the high-profile role of Toni Braxton in Unbreak My Heart, Lifetime’s 2016 biopic. Shortly thereafter, she played a strong female lead in the CBS crime series Training Day. This summer, Davis will be seen in two back-to-back releases: action horror flick The First Purge (the fourth installment in the global franchise) and the ultraslick remake SuperFly (alongside fellow “Next Wave” star Kaalan “KR” Walker), directed by music industry legend Director X.

Did you and Director X bond over music on the set of SuperFly?
X and I actually had the opportunity of working with each other on my first commercial in L.A. when I was still primarily a dancer. It happened to include a few scenes that involved acting, so it’s ironic that we crossed paths when he was focused on his commercial/music directing and I was having my first experiences as an actor. To then reconnect on what is both of our first studio film is pretty extraordinary and naturally created a bond between us. We definitely cheered each other on throughout the process!

SuperFly and The First Purge open barely a month apart. How does that feel?
I’m so overwhelmed in the greatest way possible! It’s crazy because I knew that it was happening when I was in production on each of them … But there is nothing like the feeling that came when I actually saw the trailers, posters and eventually the finished projects. It brings happy tears to my eyes every time I think about it. I’ve come so far in my journey as an actress and it shocks me to think, ‘Wow, the time is now.’ I’m beyond grateful for these experiences because I’ve learned so much through both of them. I’m just ready for what’s next and hope that with each project I become wiser and stronger. This is only the beginning.

With zero regard for the price tag, what luxury accessory would you buy to treat yourself?
You may define a luxury accessory as something small, à la jewelry, but I consider cars to be an accessory. So with that said I’d treat myself to a vintage muscle car! It would be really difficult for me to decide between a Cadillac, Dodge Charger or Mustang from the ’60s or ’70s. Since I was a little girl, I always found them to be super cool. If I bought one, I’d fix it up: paint it, put in a new engine and install a sick sound system. A girl can dream.


Magical Thinker:

Black Sheer and Gold Applique Dress by { Marmar Halim
Hair by { Emily Moses
Makeup by { J. Michael

Hailing from Copenhagen, Stephanie Corneliussen (@stephaniecorneliussen)has made a name for herself playing smart, complicated women on TV. A former ballerina and model, the Danish actress is most frequently recognized for her work on Mr. Robot, in which she played the ambitious Joanna Wellick for three seasons. Although her character was killed off in the show’s third season, fans got to see Corneliussen return to TV this year in ABC’s Deception, a procedural drama centered on a celebrity illusionist who solves crimes. Appropriate for a show involving a magician, the 31-year-old’s character is introduced to viewers simply as the “Mystery Woman,” adding to the series’ atmosphere of intrigue.

You began your career as a model. Did that help you feel comfortable as an actress in front of the camera?
I don’t believe so. Still and moving images are very different. If anything, as a model you’re so aware of the camera and your angles, whereas on film you find yourself submerged in the scene and let the camera observe. If there is, in fact, an advantage, it’s not one I’ve used … yet.

You’re an animal lover. What cause or charity is most important to you?
There are many. I have boundless respect for people who choose to dedicate their lives to fight for animal rights. Mercy For Animals, Animal Equality, Last Chance for Animals are all organizations I’ve been involved with in one way or another. My ultimate dream is to open up a sanctuary myself.

Let’s talk jewels. Which designer’s sparklers would you most like to wear to your next soiree to complete a fantasy ensemble?
IO jewels by Danish designer Kristina Rosing. She designs these very classical pieces with a modern twist. To me, they hold a timeless elegance.


Warrior Goddess:

White Crochet Dress by { Number.21
Hair by { Emily Moses
Makeup by { J. Michael

Before she was the bow-and-arrow-wielding warrior Echo on The CW’s The 100, Tasya Teles (@tasyateles) thrilled fans on WB’s Supernatural, The CW’s iZombie and Fox’s Prison Break. To prepare to play Echo, her most popular role to date, the 33-year-old Canadian—she grew up in Vancouver, where The 100 films—had to master weapons training, fight choreography, horseback riding and even a fictional language. But all that hard work has paid off: Teles’ character carried a major plotline in Season 4 and the actress was promoted to a series regular for the show’s fifth season, currently airing.

Echo bows down to no one and is pretty much a badass. What is it like to play such a strong female in this entertainment zeitgeist?
That’s a great question. I couldn’t be prouder to represent a strong, powerful character in this time. Meeting the fans and seeing how they react to Echo and find strength in her uncompromising nature is beyond rewarding. She stands unwaveringly in her beliefs, and I think that that resonates loudly within myself, and a lot of the viewers within today’s climate of female empowerment.

After shooting such intensely physical scenes, how do you decompress and restore after work?
Honestly, I go home, make a hot water bottle and lie on the floor with my feet perched up on something and just relish being still, grounded and letting my body sink into stillness.

What’s your most splurge-worthy fantasy purchase?
Oh my gosh! With so much travel, all I do is fantasize about a little Los Angeles home, with a few bedrooms for my friends or family, a big kitchen, an outdoor dinner table and a tiny pool in the garden. I love being surrounded by the people I love and relaxing with food, candles, and simply enjoying each other’s company. If you know of anything, holler!


Web Series Wunderkind:

Tuxedo Jacket and Pants by { Topman
Shirt by { Givenchy
Oxford Shoes by { Dickie Brown
Hair by { Clayton Hawkins
Makeup by { Samuel Paul

At 15 years old, Maddie Hasson (@maddiehassonofficial) made her TV debut as street-smart Willa Monday on Fox’s The Finder, and shortly after landed the leading female role on ABC’s teen mystery Twisted. Next came feature films—she played Billie Jean Jones in the Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light; Sister Sissy in Novitiate, about a group of nuns in the 1960s; and a bullied teen in More Than Enough. Where to spot Hasson next? Streaming on YouTube Red later this year in Impulse, a drama in which the 23-year-old native of North Carolina portrays Henrietta (a.k.a. “Henry”) Cole, a young woman who discovers she has the ability to teleport.

How did you land the role in Impulse and what do you love most about your character?
I auditioned for the part. They brought me back two more times, and each time I became more nervous and more attached to the project. I thought I screwed it up and didn’t get it. I cried very loudly when I found out that I did! I love playing Henry because she knows herself very well. I think that trait isn’t commonly portrayed in young female characters. I love that the writers of our show never once underestimate Henry because she’s a girl or because she’s young.

Describe a project you hope will be on your resume and someone you hope to work with within the next five years.
I want to shave my head on screen, which may be a little cliché now that it’s been done a few times, but the heart wants what it wants. And I would be so excited to work with Tilda Swinton one day.

What is your favorite luxury splurge?
Penhaligon’s perfume!