Life is a journey, time is its distance, memory is its map. 

Q:  If you could go back 50 years and give your younger self advice what would it be?

“Learn a second language and be brave to discover the world. If you have the dream to emigrate one day, do it. Don’t be afraid of big things, because once you start them, they become easier than you thought.”
Gerhard Warnei
Portrait by Julia Funke
“Follow your hart, beat to your own drum and above all enjoy the journey”.
Portrait by Macrae-Marran
“I had a great life and a wonderful family. I always put my family first and made sure they were happy and healthy. Always support your children in achieving their goals and dreams. And communication is the key to being happy…never go to bed angry. Always talk it out.”
Anna Lucera
Portrait by Michael-Paul Amendolare
“Stay single until your 30 and train to become a pilot.” John Elwell.
Portrait by Blaine Siesser
“To live a life without regret” Portrait by Samantha Marq
“Think before you speak”
Kathryn Dean
Portrait by Kirby Bolick
“To live every moment as if it’s your last”.
Portrait by Anais Benoudiz
“Don’t be afraid to take risks in life. Living in fear will keep you from doing and trying new things. This will bring about regret and you will wish you had the missed opportunity”.
Portrait by Ashkan Yousefi