Q U I N T O N   V A N  D E R  B U R G H 


Interview} Ken Waller 

Photographs by} John Russo 


KW: How did you first get involved with 100 Making a Difference?

QV: I was introduced to world-renowned photographer John Russo, who has put several years of hard work into this book. He reached out to me to get involved, and I was honored to do so.


KW: Can you tell us about your charity and how it’s making a difference in the lives of others?

QV: This country, its people, and its resources have all contributed to my success, and I feel it is my moral obligation to return the favor. In doing so, I founded the QVDB Foundation to make a difference in the people of South Africa and inspire others to do the same. My mission is to help our people, and I am always looking for new ventures that boast great potential, whether economical or for the greater good. Our current projects range from building wells in underprivileged areas to development centers, focusing on providing individuals with the skills they will need to enter the workplace. I have taken it upon myself to go beyond the clean drinking water crisis and assist fellow South Africans with the QVDB Foundation Initiative, #Actofgenerosity. I hope to help as many South Africans as possible with this initiative by alleviating their financial burdens out of my pocket.


KW: What do you hope to accomplish through your charity?

QV: My Foundation work is a huge part of my journey, and it is something I want to be remembered by, my legacy. So many people have aided me in my success and continued business growth that I have to return that in kind. The more success I’ve had in business, the more I’ve been able to give back.


KW: How can people get involved with your charity?

 QV: We are a completely self-funded charity. However, we are always looking for innovative ways to how we can make a difference. Should anyone want to get in touch with us, please visit our website, as we’d love to hear how we could possibly get involved with your initiative.


KW: What other causes or charities do you support?

QV: We are not limited to specific areas or causes as we support underprivileged schools; orphanages; animal groups; the water crisis, and helping several families get out of debt through our #PayMyBills campaign. We also recently launched a big program whereby we assist 2 500 families in getting through tough times by supporting them every 3 months. I’d also like to mention the beautiful country of Vanuatu, off the coast of Australia, for nominating me as a Diplomat for their country. This now enables me to take my missionary work across the African continent and work with the Vanuatu community. It is an honor to be recognized for this, and I’m excited to take on the challenge.


KW: What drew you to the project?

QV: I was drawn by the amazing concept of being able to support multiple charities that span the globe through the various celebrities mentioned in the book.


KW: Of all the amazing subjects in the book, are there one or two people you think stand out as exemplary in Philanthropy?

QV: Who’s to say one does more than another? Everyone in this book is making an impact and is an example of truly making a difference. There are big names within the book who have all contributed to the success of the book, and I am proud to support each of their philanthropic journeys.


KW: Photographer John Russo mentioned when no one wanted to publish the book (because it’s a charity book with all proceeds going to the charities), you stepped up to back it financially. Did you ever think you would become a publisher? 

QV: I’ve always been open to trying something new, and getting involved with 100MAD was an opportunity I couldn’t walk away from. I have a diverse business portfolio and am never one to back down from a new challenge. Supporting this book allowed me to raise even more awareness of the plight of these charities, and giving back is something I’m incredibly passionate about.


KW: What would you teach children about getting involved in Philanthropy?

QV: Children need to be taught from a young age about making a difference and getting involved in projects within their communities. Schools are a huge influence on them as well as their families. Suppose they get involved in projects from a young age. In that case, whether it be a fun run for Cancer, a beach clean-up, or simply donating food to an animal charity, they need to know the difference a small gesture can make and hopefully grow up and be involved in bigger projects.


KW: Do you have plans to continue creating projects, books, films, etc., that highlight humanitarian efforts?

QV: Every day, we highlight the importance of changing lives. It can be through the simplest efforts, such as handing some spare change to the guy at the traffic light. My Foundation has multiple projects in the pipeline for 2023, including developing water wells in remote communities, feeding programs for underprivileged schools, and continuing our #PayMyBills campaign.


KW: How do you define success?

QV: Success as a whole can be defined by every person differently. To some, it means having a big house and a fast car. To others, it’s retiring at a certain age. I’ve always been very hard on myself about being successful, as I don’t feel I’ve achieved success yet. My end goal keeps shifting as I constantly want to uplift people in my day-to-day work and if I achieve that each day, then that day has been a success.


To learn more about Quinton and his humanitarian efforts, follow him @quintonvanderburgh