Interview by} John Russo 


Q:  You have been one of the most sought after Men’s groomers in Hollywood for years. From Leo to Tom Hanks you are at the top of everyone’s list for men’s grooming.  Was creating Jewelry always a passions you had but never acted upon?

A:  I actually started creating the first piece of jewelry for myself about 8 years ago after going through a terrible heartbreak and looking into spirituality to heal myself.  I went to see a healer who told me to buy a mala bead necklace to use during my meditation.  Instead of buying one I decided to make it myself!  From there, friends started asking me to create pieces for them and it started the ball rolling! I had to stop, as I was too busy with my celebrity clients.


Q: How has the past year affected you and your career?

A: Covid has been hard on everyone.  The movie industry has been hit hard so if actors aren’t working and making movie I’m not working!  2020 has been challenging but also has allowed me to get back to making my jewelry, which is something I also love!


Q: What has been your inspiration for this new chapter?

A:  I felt lost for a bit not knowing what to do so I looked within with mediation. The answer was start making jewelry again. It was something that really helped me in my healing process, working with crystals.   I wanted to share it with others, hoping they would find healing themselves with my jewelry … so my inspiration for the face of gratitude is helping others!


Q:  What type of materials are you using in the creation of your pieces?

A:  I am using crystals and gemstones!  They all have a specific purpose and healing properties.  All crystals and gemstones are living organisms. Crystals have a life energy of their own, they are alive and usually grow in clusters. They are part of the Mineral Kingdom.


Q:  Who is your target audience? Are your pieces unisex?

A:  My jewelry is for everyone!  You can buy it just because you like it or for healing quality.   The crystals I’m using have a purpose for what you are looking to work on in your life.  My line is mostly for women but I have had a few men who bought malas.


Q:  You use the Buddha in some of your pieces. What does the Buddha signify in your life? 

A:  I love Buddha’s teachings . They are known as “dharma.” He taught that wisdom, kindness, patience, generosity and compassion were important virtues which I try to live my life by!  It’s not always easy but the most important thing is to try to live the most honest life.


Q:  Where can we get your incredible creations?

A:  All pieces are one of a kind ;)When you buy a necklace it comes with a piece of sage and a candles so you can do a little ritual and charge it with all good intentions and energy!   To learn more visit